An exclusive look into the upcoming “Fares Karam” Album
Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 10:35
“Fares Karam” will release his new album titled “Fares Karam 2013” in a few days. The album was produced by Rotana Production Company and it contains 12 songs. “Karam” collaborated with a prominent group of poets and composers, while the album was arranged by "Roger Khouri." Some of the songs from the album are: "Al-Aseme" written and composed by "Yasser Galal." “Ajebni” written by “Yassir Jalal,” and “Riyad Al-Ali,” and composed by “Seraj Dabbagh.” "Daddy" written by "Ehab Enab" and composed by "Zahir Al-Baba.” Rotana.net

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